Children’s bathroom

Toileting and changing time is an important care moments for us  at Harinui. We respectfully encourage children to come to the toilet or to climb the ladder for nappy changing. Nappy changing time is a time of taking things slowly and have caring and respectful interactions. We always communicate to the child what we will do next, showing care and respect. Personal parts of the body are tapu (sacred) and being gentle and caring, letting them know what we are doing prepares the tamariki. This is a great time to have one on one conversations with our tamariki, strengthening relationships and trust between both parties. Our bathroom has two changing mats, two  toddler sized toilets and two child height taps at the sink. We have a lovely display on the wall for a point of difference and interest.  We also have a train sticker on the ceiling for children to look at while we change their nappy. If children are not ready we give them five minutes to prepare themselves.

Children can see the chicken enclosure through the window and often want to have a chat about the ducks and chickens they see. The shub is also available for washing children if needed either from an accident toileting or if they are very grubby from play outside.

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