What parents say

“I have asked Fiamma: What did you like about Arohanui? and she replied: “I liked my friends there and I liked the teachers and all the activities that they had. I liked the garden and the big space was so nice – I just liked the all thing, the way it works!”

Our experience with you was valuable on many levels. We have no relatives here in NZ and by joining your big family, we found not just the peace of mind of a high quality childcare, but that village we all need while raising our children. Fiamma was one and a half when she joined Harinui and that’s when I learned not to constantly help her and about fostering her independence. My limitations were many, as I found my feet as a parent, but all your teachers have been amazingly supportive and truly loving, not just to Fiamma, or later on to Aria, but to me also.

In Arohanui, by listening to them, I learned to stand back and observe, rather than having always an active role to her learning. By participating in your well organised events, I learned about friendships and camping, pot luck, baking and then what it takes to teach yoga to little people. Meanwhile Fiamma grew; supported by the love and inspired by the teachings, she’s become the confident learner that she is. Adventurous in her explorations and curious in her learning, able to climb trees, lover of the great outdoors as much as the books she reads. Fiamma has taken to school amazingly well and I know that it’s because of the solid base she had at Arohanui.

Much love and thanks to you and and all the family.”

“Arohanui is not just a day care it’s an extended family. The staff are fantastic and I know that my child is loved and well cared for. This allows me to be able to do my job knowing that my children are safe and happy. Arohanui work with your child and help to get them school ready, which really made a difference to my child settling into school.

The support and help that Arohanui give is amazing. The staff are constantly learning new skills to help and teach the children and they instil healthy eating habits. Arohanui is an awesome place and a part of our family now.”